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Adriana Dominguez: Law student in hot Playboy striptease!

Sexy, smart, and naked! Adriana Dominguez is a third-year law student at top-ranked Brooklyn Law School. But, not just any legal eagle... she's naked as well, and on the internet!

In fact, in January, Playboy TV featured her in their "Naked Happy Girls" segment where she, according to the NY Daily News ("It's juris-imprudence/Holy torts! Law student in erotic vid" by Veronika Belenkaya, link), "happily strips naked, gets spanked and holds gavels up to her bare breasts". Phwoar!

Adriana Dominguez naked law student

Just for you, I'm going to tell you where to see her video, but don't just click away and then never come back, OK? OK, now that we've got the contract out of the way, you can see the video preview of her fine performance here.

Says Adriana:

"I wanted to do something a little crazy before I graduate and do become a lawyer ... do something kind of out of character... Lawyers can be boring..."

Not this barrister for sure!

Some of the backstory on this case is here, including this supposed quote from a fellow student:

"It should be noted that the young man holding her vagina and, at one point, spanking her ass, is also a Brooklyn Law student.... [another says:]...The guy who grabs her ass at the end is one of the bigger jerks at school..."

They also include the rather doubtful comment that she's not a real blonde.

HotSop's final thoughts: While I personally prefer very hardcore (free) pr0n myself, this matter gives me what I often refer to as a "mind erection", thinking of a former Ivy League (Penn State) student engaging in such saliciousness. It's similar to the thoughts I've often had regarding a possible dalliance with Teresa Heinz Kerry or Helen Krieble, or perhaps Melinda Gates.