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Oi Da Ne Vecher | Arkona

White screen background wallpaper 30 minutes 16:9

Their take on the folk song "Oi, Da Ne Vecher" ("Oh, It's Not Evening", "Ой да не вечер"), also known as "Cossack's Dream". A non-metal version is at

According to this, the lyrics are:

Oh, it's not evening, it's not evening
I can barely sleep
I can barely sleep
Oh, in my dreams I see

And in my dreams I see
A black horse under me
Playing tricks
Making jokes before me

Oh, evil winds flew
Yes, from the eastern side,
And they took away my black hat
From my stormy head
And they took away my black hat
from my stormy head.

But our brave captain was very clever
He guessed the meaning of my dream
He said: soon will disappear
your stormy head

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