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Art Bell's Pizza Punch???

Radio talk show host Art Bell is now a food baron, lending his name to a new food product oddly named "Art Bell's Pizza Punch". Literal sort that I am, my first thought was that it was a pizza-flavored drink. My second thought was, "ewww".

But, as it turns out, it's a seasoning you sprinkle on top of your pizza. The "punch" part refers to the kick it renders to your pie or something. Or, maybe it's a condiment. I can't really tell because his site is currently down, and I got that from the cache. It also somehow involves olives, because he's partnering with an olive company to make the product.

But, rest assured, it's not something you drink.

Note to food industry insiders: this is most likely similar in concept to the "Cajun Sparkles" product that Popeye's Chicken gives away. While ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise - in that general order - are the leading condiments, it's worth remembering that there are as many different types of toppings and add-ons as there are food items themselves! The "Original Condiment Packet Museum" provides the proof of that assertion. And, of course, the choice of toppings varies from country to country, and even from region to region.

Unfortunately, the very first shipment of Art Bell's product will not be made until April 1, and this site will keep track of the reviews as they come in. We will also be attempting to obtain a preview copy for review purposes only.