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Fact Check: Did Bill Cosby really beat up a midget?

"I heard a tape recording of Bill Cosby beating up a midget (little person). I've always enjoyed his comedy and I've seen his books in the stores and considered buying one. But, if he's that mean I don't want to."

Here at the Annalburg Fact Check, we believe in primary sources. So, we took the copy of the audio tape provided by the questioner and subjected it to a voice analysis, comparing it against tapes from the Bill Cosby Show and even I-SPY. Our experts were of two minds, with some thinking it could be him, and others thinking it clearly wasn't. Then, we turned to old copies of the New York Times that we had lying around to see if it was mentioned in any of those, and it wasn't.

Then, we suddenly remembered it was just a comedy bit from a television show known as "Family Guy", and it was clearly not something that happened.

However, we were still unsure, because at one time the Annalburg Foundation may have given money to the Bill Cosby Foundation and therefore he's part of the Annalburg family.

Our decision: