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Councilman showers crowd with golden rays of hope

Whenever I see a Grateful Dead tribute band, I have a sudden urge to take a leak from a second-floor balcony onto the crowd below. I previously thought I was the only one, but now it turns out there's someone else who thinks the same way: Jersey City councilman Steve Lipski, who's since been charged with simple assault. Story here, his page here:

Born and raised in Jersey City, Councilman Lipski was a believer in patriotism from an early age. A Cub Scout and a Boy Scout, Steve served in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Drill Sergeant. Steve played in the Little League, and ran track and played football at Dickinson High School.

And, now he's peeing off balconies.

UPDATE: Now he's swearing off the booze: "I've resolved not to touch alcohol again."