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Jennifer Lopez, ass finish Malibu Triathalon

Congratulations to "Jenny from Zuma"! Earlier today, Jennifer Lopez and her ass finished the Malibu Triathalon in just under 2 and half hours. The grueling race was actually on Saturday and that featured a 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride, and a 10K run. JLo participated in the "celebrity-friendly" version today, which was just a half a mile swim, 18 mile bike ride, and 4 mile run. Despite the ease of the wimpy version that she finished, Lopez was ecstatic, thanking her fans, her husband Mark Anthony, and her ginormous ass. In fact, fellow celebrity contestant Matthew McConaughey originally objected to JLo's result because most of the work had been done by her enormous gluteal protuberance, but his concerns were silenced when JLo sang her biggest hit to him.