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Lisa Franzetta of PETA strips down in Moscow!

Plucky Lisa Franzetta and Lauren Bowey from PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - recently stripped down in the middle of a snowy Moscow, Russia day to protest the fur trade:

lisa franzetta peta

Sexy brunette Lauren says about her cold weather ordeal:

"It's nothing compared to what the animals go through. They're in cages in all weather conditions. In summer it's awful and hot, they have a terrible time cramped together. And in winter they have to suffer through conditions like this."

Meanwhile, the cute and caring Lisa says:

"Animals die very painful deaths. Often their skins are pulled from their bodies when they are still fully conscious. And there's no excuse for killing them in the 20th century for fashion."

And, I have to mostly agree. Of course, I'm still not yet a vegetarian, but maybe a couple sexy PETA members would care to help change my mind. Phwoar!