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Natalie Dylan virginity auction photo and video: maybe all of us could get together

Natalie Dylan is the pseudonym of a San Diego, California 22-year-old woman who's auctioning off her virginity. Her picture is to the right and video is below.

The auction was considered too hot for eBay, so she's doing it through a Nevada brothel, and apparently Howard Stern is involved in some way (link).

Frankly, I wonder whether this is some sort of prank or something, since Nathalie is not just a college co-ed, she's a women's studies major; perhaps this is all a hoax or a prank and she's going to write a paper about her experience in which she calls all men pigs or whatever it is that feminists do.

Somewhat unbelievably, the bidding currently stands at $3.7 million. And, I find it very hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would bid so much.

Not that she's bad looking or anything, but for that price, you could buy a whole village of virgins in Eastern Europe. In fact, for $3.7 million you could probably buy a lifetime's supply of Belarus virgins of all types, from secretaries to shop girls to healthy peasant girls with strong hands from milking.

While millions of dollars is way, way above the budget for this site, maybe we could all chip in and then somehow declare all of us as the one who did it.