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News: Libertarians Condemn Baby Seal Hunt

baby sealMANCHESTER, FREE STATE PROJECT (FORMERLY NEW HAMPSHIRE) -- In a strongly-worded statement, a broad coalition of libertarian leaders has condemned this year's baby seal hunt now occuring in Canada.

The leaders condemning the hunt in the strongest words possible include "Orange Line" leaders such as Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie from Reason Magazine, Reason magazine interns Jesse Walker and Dave Weigel, paleo-anarcho-syndicalistical-atarian Lew Rockwell, as well as Libertarian Party presidential candidate Bob Barr (taking time out from planning his 2009 book tour), LP vice-presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root (taking time out from his used car dealership), former LP candidates George Phillies, Steve Kubby, and and also LP icon and past presidential candidate Michael Badnarik.

The seal hunt is currently taking place in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and will then move to "the Front", located off Newfoundland. There are 16 ships involved.

"We strongly object to this unconscienable travesty," the statement from the libertarian leaders says. "First, the limit is entirely arbitrary: just 275,000 seals when it was set over 20% higher just two years ago. Why is there a limit at all?"

"Second, the rules and regulations for the hunt are the worst indicator of nanny-statism we've ever seen. Why must the brave hunters engage in the near-surgical precision of severing the arteries under the flippers when dispatching the seals? Even baby seals can present a danger, and the hunter should be allowed to use their own discretion as to the method of culling, whether using a knife, baseball bat, long metal bar, chainsaw, or what have you?"

"Third, of course, is the literally insane prohibition on culling seals younger than before their first molt. Why should those younger seals be spared, especially when their fur is at its most valuable?" the letter continued.

Larry Sabato, a longtime observer of the libertarian movement, noted that this is the most condemnatory statement from several leaders of that movement since the 1849 Reason Magazine article calling for an end to all taxes on buffalo meat and pelts and for increases in private hunting parties in order to rid the Plains of the beasts in order to make railroad travel easier.