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Vegetables: nearly as dangerous as undercooked meat?

A ground-breaking Scripps Howard News Service study says that vegetables could be nearly "as dangerous as under-cooked meat". Over a five-year period, 19,000 people had incidents related to fresh veggies. Over the same period, 22,600 people had incidents related to under-cooked meat.

Radar gun for Hot Wheels?

I want one of those Hot Wheels radar guns for my own amusement. Bear in mind that it isn't limited to just working with the toy cars: it also works with bikes and such. I could even join Jay Santos' Citizens Auxiliary Patrol and warn drivers of (regular size) cars that they were over the speed limit. Plus, it measures in both MPH and KPH, and it can adjust for the size of HW cars (1/64 scale) as well as measure real speed.

Now, of course, it should be pointed out that simply by buying this product you have no arrest authority or anything.

Everybody wants to see Pauly Shore punched in the face

Former movie star Pauly Shore has been reduced to playing comedy clubs in Odessa, Texas. Unfortunately, his attempt to silence a heckler went awry as Shore ended up getting punched in the face. Afterwards he reportedly said, "F*** all you fuckin' white trash [unintelligible]".

Unfortunately, his "agency" managed to get the clip removed from Youtube for some reason. Another fan mirrored it here (MOV file), but at post time his server is overloaded and it can't be downloaded.

Nicole Ritchie NOT arrested for DUI

Early this morning, someone who we're told is Nicole Ritchie was caught driving under the influence of various chemical and alcoholic substances of which she was in possession of. Not only that, but this person was driving the wrong way on the freeway, something that people only very rarely do.

Just one problem: that wasn't Nicole Ritchie.

Katie Couric ratings: still third place

Plucky, perky Katie Couric is still bravely soldiering on and cheerleading for the Democrats despite being in third place according to Nielsen. Here are the ratings for the November sweeps period:

Total viewers

NBC: 9,570,000

ABC: 8,920,000

CBS: 7,780,000

Christmas plush toy Nev the Bear has foul mouth!

Cor, blimey, and phwoar! A Christmas gift buyer bought a copy of the new kid's toy "Nev the Bear" (from a CBBC - whatever that is - TV show) at his local "Tesco" (apparently the British version of WalMart).

The plush bear is supposed to say "I love you," "Fwightened" and "Yum Yum". Instead, when he took it out of the box, the toy sweared at him! It reportedly uttered the word "prick"!

Shamu signals start of Dolphin Uprising

Shamu isn't just a killer whale, he's also a committed political activist for Dolphin Rights, Orca Rights, and Animal Rights in general.

And, now he has given the signal by attacking his trainer, the Human Oppressor who has kept him captive and forced him to perform for other Humans. The Dominion of Man is soon to end, replaced with the Dominion of the Animals!

Florida: giant rats as big as house cats

Florida (aka "America's Wang", aka "Floriduh") adds yet another item to its long line of accomplishments with the news that it's home to a species of giant rats. Specifically, rodents imported from Gambia and which now live on Grassy Key, an island that's part of that state's Keys. The island is actually part of the city of Marathon, and U.S. 1 runs right through it. It's home to the non-profit research center/tourist trap Dolphin Research Center.

Dude! Dude to smoke world's biggest joint!

Dude! There was, like, this guy in Amsterdam who wanted to, like, you know, smoke the world's biggest marijuana joint, but, like, the piggies, like, you know, scared him off it. So now, like, you know, this other dude in California is now going to do it. Yeah, I mean he's going to roll the world's biggest joint, and smoke it! And, get this dude, the guy's name is Stone!


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