Did the VRWC sabotage the Katie Couric Show?

One version of tonight's Katie Couric Show - aka the CBS Evening News - finished four minutes early, apparently due to "technical problems". In the big time world of television broadcasting - especially with shows as history-rich as CBS's entertaining and informative news broadcasts - such mistakes are nearly unheard of.

Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii: which is the better buy?

You know, I don't really care, since I can't stand video games. I played Myst a bit, and I even worked on a Myst knock-off ("Welcome to the Future", aka WTTF, aka WTF). And, I played Doom a bit too. But, overall, I consider "gaming" to be a pathetic nerd activity. Rather than playing a, for instance, Mountain Biking game, I'd rather be mountain biking. Instead of watching a computerized image on a TV, I can be the one zooming down trails and cleaning tough switchbacks without even the hint of a dab.

Hear Katie Couric say "old sperm"

While Katie Couric has no doubt said "sperm" on TV before, and has said "old" thousands of times on TV, if you want to hear her say those two words together, see this video. After about two minutes of blather and a worthless peak inside the CBS newsroom as they make sausage and prepare you propagandize the U.S., you can watch attentively as the phrase "old sperm" comes out of her mouth. (Via this)

Calif. City Mandates "All Smiles"!

Grumpy? Don't visit Belmont California! That San Francisco Bay Area city is the first in the nation to ban all forms of grumpiness, sadness, meanness, and unpleasant behavior.

Last night, the Belmont City Council voted 12-0 in favor of a new ordinance mandating that all in the city must "put on a happy face", even if they don't mean it. Police will be empowered to give tickets to residents and visitors that are wearing frowns, speaking negatively, or otherwise behaving rudely or in an anti-social manner.

Tabloid: Katie Couric fired by CBS!

Breaking, quite-possibly-true news: Katie Couric has been fired by CBS News, the National Enquirer reports in a World Exclusive. No details yet available... picture of the magazine cover here... developing... must credit Hot Sop...


Hear Katie Couric say "old sperm"

Loretta Sanchez, cat stopped by TSA screeners

Rep. Loretta Sanchez and her constant pet companion "Snapper" the cat were stopped by TSA screeners as she tried to board a flight. The Congresswoman - for whom at least several hundreds of illegal aliens voted in her second run for office which she ran after changing her party affiliation from Republican to Democrat and changing back to her maiden name instead of her married name Loretta Brixey in an obvious attempt to appeal to racial solidarity - had bought a one-way ticket from Boise to Cincinnati with a stop in Denver. Unlike the treatment that one of her constituents would no doubt have received, she was let on the flight after showing her Congresspersons ID as well as ID with her age on it. Snapper could not be reached for comment.

Katie Couric perky, upbeat about plummeting ratings

The only person on planet Earth who's still watching CBS Evening New with Katie Couric informs us that she's still "upbeat" despite no one else watching the show. She is reportedly "feeling great" and is "having a great time".

Oblivious to the fact that she's been rejected by all Americans, the former (sports) cheerleader and current Democratic Party cheerleader says:

Drunks, others welcome artificial liver discovery

Scientists from England, working in collaboration with researchers from the Senator Edward M. Kennedy School of Medicine at UC Davis, have announced the invention of a fake liver. We have asked an anonymous benefactor to the effort to read from the article:

I, er, welcome this opportunity to read from the, ah, ahticle.

Within, ah, five years, pieces of, ah, ahtificial tissue could be used to repair livahs damaged by injury, disease, alcohol abuse and pah-rah-cee-tahmahl ovahdose.

Peter Pelican and his friend Perry Pigeon

pelican eating pigeon

Peter Pelican is a jolly, affable bird and a favorite tourist attraction at London's St James's Park. He's friendly to all the visitors and all the other animals in the park. And, he's especially good chums with his friend Perry Pigeon. Why, they're such good friends that, as shown in the picture above, he lets Peter sit in his beak.

That's not my cellular phone

Scientists have determined that men who use their cell phones more than four hours per day have not only a low sperm count but poor quality sperm as well, boffins report. Now, at first glance, you might think that only afflicts those men who hold their cellular telephones up to their "manly areas" while dialing, or those who carry their cell phones in their shorts. That is apparently not the case.

The study was performed by Professor Ashok Agarwal, who's the director of the Reproductive Research Centre at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, who informs our correspondent:


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