GPS turns on owners, causes car crashes

No less than two German drivers have been involved in car crashes... because of what their onboard navigation system told them to do! These incidents raise the specter that these GPS systems turned on their owners. Have the machines finally taken control and are they waging a war on we humans?

In the first case, the driver was told by his car's computerized voice to "Fuehren Sie nun rechts ab! Nun!" ("Turn you now to the right, I command you!") He did so, and crashed into a roadside toilet! This happened in Rudolstadt. Not only did it cost hundreds of dollars of damage to the car and to the stairs he drove up, but he was fined.

Fatwa on ringtones?

Apparently a Saudi imam has declared a fatwa involving cellular telephones. This was after a cell phone rang during a prayer, and it played a ringtone of Arabic pop music. He declared that anyone else who failed to turn off their cellphone would be ejected from the mosque.

Note that the ringtone was music, and not the "Moaning" sound effect available for your Virgin Mobile phone.

Madeline Albright, Democrats on national security

Drudge informs us:

The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained an exclusive copy of a "scary" campaign advertisement created by Hollywood producer and director David Zucker that was intended to be used by GOP organizations in the closing weeks of the 2006 campaign... An actress playing Secretary Albright is shown presenting Kim Jong Il with the Michael Jordan basketball, painting the walls of Osama bin Laden's Afghanistan cave and turning a blind eye to suicide bombers. In one scene her skirt rips as she changes the tire of a Middle Eastern dictator's limousine...

Arnold Schwartzenegger / Phil Angelides debate

This site will be covering it live. Our cast of characters:

PA: Phil Angelides

AS: Arnold Schwarzenegger

DSF: Disgruntled sports fan

WPAS: Worried (far-left) PA staffer

DSF: They've both pimped their immigrant backgrounds. This should be fun.

WPAS: Arnold has already tried to muscle in a parliamentary change! He can't do this! (Will PA be OK?)

DSF: Why the hell am I watching this?

DSF: George Bush called the Minutemen "vigilantes" because they cost his contributors money.

DSF: Basically, Phil and Arnie have the same immigration policy: a massive amnesty combined with a "guest" worker program. Of course, any "guests" who have U.S. citizen children will be exceedingly difficult to deport. That means that the great majority of our "guests" will be here permanently. It also means that both Phil and Arnie are lying when they call them "guests".

David Hasselhoff news

In news of interest to fans of David Hasselhoff:

Hundreds of fans have asked him to sign copies of his new hit ("Weltschlager") called "Jump In My Car". According to the Hoff:

"There has been so much incredible stuff that has happened to me and so much fun stuff, like the car (K.I.T.T from his hit 80s series Knight Rider) and Baywatch... Whatever comes into your life that you need to address, I want to talk about that. Because it's important you talk about that... People try to hide that stuff and they shouldn't and I'll do that through my music but mostly it's going to be a big rock n roll 'come see the Hoff in concert'... Man, I know I've got an audience out there. I mean I just came from Ireland yesterday and I'm telling you I could tour Ireland for the next ten years - it's unbelievable."


All America - and Germany as well - was shocked and horrified at the sight of this giant bug invading Germany:

Oprah angry after pumping

Oprah hadn't done anything like this since 1983. 1983? Yes, 1983! It's been a long time coming, and she forgot how to do it, but with the assistance of a handsome young stud, she firmly grasped the handle and let the warm liquid flow.

Oprah enjoyed getting completely filled up, but, boy was she surprised when she got the bill! "$127???" Oprah couldn't believe it cost that much and, in fact, she didn't have that much cash on her and had to borrow some from her friend who had been watching.

What happens outside Vegas stays outside Vegas!

Rachael Ray love oil [deleted]

[This post has been deleted].

[A further note: I apologize to Ms. Ray, to all her fans, and to you my readers for the "recipe" I posted earlier. It's just that I'd seen an ad for her new show on the back of a bus, and it looked dorky with her riding a moter scooter and with the tagline "Everyone needs a little R & R". Then, I saw a TV commercial and, well, I got a bit "excited". Then, when I saw these pictures of her I just couldn't help myself. So, I deleted the post. I apologize again.]

Joke's on NBC: Moisturol actress is from adult movies

NBC conducted a "sting" of an infomercial production company by making their own informercial about a fake product called "Moisturol". It supposedly was a skin moisturizer, but the product was actually Nestle Quik that NBC had placed in capsules and the company that produced the pills was fake.

First, some of the "damning" statements made at a secretly-filmed lunch with the producer of the commercial probably could be presented as fairly innocent by a legal eagle.

Second, NBC provided an "out" for the doctor who endorsed the product when they listed the ingredients in a very different order from that given on the Quik box.

Dumbest sports color commentator?

Which sports analyst is the dumbest? We've narrowed it down to four:

Joe Morgan (ESPN MLB baseball)
John Madden (Monday Night Football)
Rex Hudler (Anaheim/Los Angeles/California Angels baseball television)
Dan Dierdorf (CBS NFL)

Vote for your choice here:


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