Hillary Clinton bust revealed

New York's "Museum of Sex" has unveiled a bust of Hillary Clinton. I think this is a picture of the statue, but, especially since the source of the story is Reuters, you just can't tell nowadays, can you?

Will humans become giants... again?

The NYT reports ("So Big and Healthy Grandpa Wouldn't Even Know You") that humans nowadays are much bigger and healthier than their forebears.

Of course, what the NYT fails to note is that many humans were o

"Give me an elastic loaf with compressed spicy meat slices"

Iran has banned foreign terms and ordered that they be replaced with native constructs. For instance, "pizzas" are now "elastic loaves".

The word "chat" is to be replaced with "short talk"; "cabin" will become "small room," et cetera.

This is little different from what's done in France, where they continually try to force people to use words like "logiciel" instead of "software".

Melanie Martinez: pictures, videos, sprouts

Melanie Martinez has been fired as the host of PBS's KIDS Sprout TV show or something. Of more interest, here are some videos she did for a site called "Technical Virgin". They're just slightly risque spoofs, but as the screengrabs show she certainly enjoys her new toy:

melanie martinez sprout technical virginmelanie martinez sprout technical virgin

Avoid power shortages!

If you're in California - or even if you're in other states - you can follow the commonsense, perfectly reasonable energy-saving tips contained in this video:

I've fallen for Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza

About forty minutes after being crowned Miss Universe, the former Miss Puerto Rico Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, collapsed and was carried off the stage by a lucky security guard.

Perhaps she was just overwhelmed after realizing that she's not really the best looking one there. I guess she overwhelmed the judges in the talent competition.

Sources: Burbank Der Wienerschnitzel replaced

Our Burbank reporter reports that the Burbank Der Wienerschnitzel - formerly located on San Fernando Road just north of Burbank Blvd. and conveniently located across the street from a K-Mart - has been demolished. It has been replaced with the latest Zankou Chicken outlet. DW remains on the other end of the infamous city, near the studios.

Other DWs are located in La Crescenta, North Hollywood, Highland Park, and elsewhere.

While hardly an epicurean experience, it did offer somewhat low-priced hot dogs as well as specialit

Lipstick Lesbians Kiss in Canada

canada lesbians kiss

Phwoar! The snowy Great White North turned blisteringly hot yesterday as a pair of college students - both lipstick lesbians - smooched and kissed on the public street in Toronto... in clear view of shocked passersby.

A Kyocera K10 Royale problem

Hopefully we can all agree that cell phones are evil. However, sometimes they can be useful, such as for emergencies. Of course, if you really need your cell phone, and the battery is dead, that's probably a bad thing. Unfortunately, the Kyocera K10 Royale is very easy to turn on accidentally, leading to that undesirable condition as it - unbeknownst to you - stays on and gradually drains its batteries. The phone is turned on using a button on the front which is easy to depress if you carry it in a bag of some kind or have it in some similar environment.

Why does the Huffington Post need $5 million?

The Huffington Post is trying to raise $5,000,000 from venture capitalists. What do they want to spend it on? Let's kick some ideas around.

One possibility is to start a Current.TV kinda thing, or perhaps expand into other forms of media such as Internet radio. Or they might want to do a bunch of advertising. Or, they might want to expand their site into a portal of some kind.

Other possibilities:


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