Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland: up with cornhole!

Ohio governor Ted Strickland likes cornhole, but says he's no expert at it. Despite that, he's going to use it in his campaign in order to raise money. He'll be holding competitions across the state in order to spread the message.

According to a spokesman: "The tournament is a fun way of bringing Ohioans around a great game with Ohio roots."

Watermelon may have Viagra effects

Watermelon may have similar effects as Viagra, a scientist says. While this is perhaps an explanation for why many picnics end in embarrassment, it isn't entirely certain that you should throw away your pills just yet. It contains a "phyto-nutrient" called citrulline which relaxes blood vessels, which is apparently how Vaigra does its magic.

Rachael Ray wears keffiyeh in Dunkin' Donuts commercial!?

The blogs have been a-buzz with the news that cookbook author Rachael Ray might have been wearing a Palestinian scarf in a commercial she did for Dunkin' Donuts. Was the photographer, the director, her stylist, or her herself a sympathizer with that movement and were they trying to send a message? Or, did she just wear it - or did her stylist have her wear it - thinking it was fashionable? The jury is still out, but unfortunately DD has pulled their advertising campaign.

Should Rachael Ray do a nude Dunkin' Donuts commercial?

Kissing Lincoln's Penny? (two Lincolns smooching)

Is there such a thing as a Kissing Lincolns Penny? I.e., a coin that was double-stamped so there are two figure of Abraham Lincoln facing each other in such a position as if they were kissing? No, there is no such thing. That was just a made-up item from the last episode of the current season of the Simpsons, a popular television cartoon show.

Green Pioneers program: fight global warming, safeguard environment!

Announcing the Green Pioneers program! Enjoy this video introduction to this new program. The script is below, and stay tuned for future announcements.

News: Libertarians Condemn Baby Seal Hunt

baby sealMANCHESTER, FREE STATE PROJECT (FORMERLY NEW HAMPSHIRE) -- In a strongly-worded statement, a broad coalition of libertarian leaders has condemned this year's baby seal hunt now occuring in Canada.

What one forbidden act would you most like to perform with Katie Couric?

Unlicensed ape loose in Florida

The latest news from what some call "America's Wang" is that an unknown species of non-human primate is loose in Glen St. Mary, Florida. Some think it could be an orangutan, but no one in that county is licensed to possess such a beastie. (For those keeping score, this is only #1423 on the list of Odd Things Associated with Florida).

Chinese toys: now free of strychnine

Our sources in the Chinese military confirm that almost all Chinese toys and most other products are now free of strychnine and many other alkaloid poisons. Strychnine was previously used by some Chinese manufacturers as a coating product on candy, but now that the world price of that commodity has peaked due to a recent shortage they have decided to use other coatings instead.

Meanwhile, top Chinese generals confirm that most lead and much of the antifreeze is no longer being pumped into food products, toys, consumer goods, desert toppings, and some other products from that country.


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