Bigfoot, snipe, jackalope to be hunted

Thanks to KTVZ for re-alerting us to this year's outing from the Bigfoot Field Research Organization in June, this year, in Oregon. The BFRO will be leading ad hocs teams of three to five paying suckers who will camp out during moon-less nights in search of Bigfoots/Bigfeets. To see whether we're on the same page, read the following and tell me whether you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking:

Paula Abdul was not drunk or high

A video with over a half million views appears to show Paula Abdul drunk or otherwise chemically impaired during a morning TV interview with Q13 in Seattle.

In actual fact, she suffers from "Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy", a neurological disorder which may cause her to appear that way.

Amanda Congdon tasered at CES in Las Vegas

Amanda Congdon is apparently a reporter for ABC News, and earlier today she was tasered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, it wasn't because she was drunk and disorderly, but she did it voluntarily as a stunt to promote Taser's new line of consumer-oriented devices.

Tigger: teen cut off my air supply!

New evidence has come to light in what Nancy Grace and Geraldo Rivera are calling "Tigger Gate", with videotape of the incident showing parent Jerry Monaco telling his teen son something to the effect of "Don't do that. Don't crowd Tigger" shortly before the incident.

As for himself, Tigger - through his human portrayer Michael J.

Nancy Pelosi Official Portrait

Now that she's Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi's official portrait has been released:

nancy pelosi official portrait

Daniela Cicarelli beach video (transcript only)

Daniela Cicarelli is apparently a Brazilian model who was caught in flagrante delicto on the beach somewhere with "soccer great" Ronaldo (no last name apparently). The video made it on to Youtube, Cicarelli and boyfriend Tato Malzoni (who has a last name like a normal person) sued, and a Brazilian judge recently ordered that that site be shuttered until they're able to remove all vestiges of the video.

Gerald Ford was 93

Former president Gerald Ford has passed on. Developing...

Miss Nevada USA Katie Rees stripped... of title!

katie rees miss nevada lesbian kiss usa universe

TMZ has learned that Miss Nevada USA 2007 - Katie Rees - has been stripped of her title! Her transgressions: having pictures taken of her kissing another girl, exposing her naked body and/or parts thereof, and promoting genocide. The panel of judges were less sure of the last allegation however.

When publicity whores attack... each other!

Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell are feuding over comments Rosie made on The View, with The Donald even threatening to sue the porcine star of such movies as The Flintstones. This reporter feels that this is just a stunt by two attention whores and, in fact, we would love to be sued by Donald Trump. Bring it on, baldy!

Nancy Pelosi: dude in a dress?

Is there anyway to look at this picture of Nanci Pelosi and not have a similar reaction? I ask you:

nancy nanci pelosi dress dude



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