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Nope, Wayne Chiang isn't the Virginia Tech shooter

Some bloggers and Diggers think the Virginia Tech shooter is one Wayne Chiang, based on his website and his Facebook page.

After all, he's Asian, he's got a lot of guns, he says at the first link that he recently broke up with his girlfriend, and he apparently even lived in the same building or similar as the shooter or the first victim ("West AJ").

However, then you look at this screenshot (via this), which looks like Chiang himself had posted an entry to his site at 7pm (presumably EST) today, making the same points, and regretting that he didn't have ads on his site.

Then, there's this new entry at the first link, dated 10:29 pm today:

Coming out. I am not the shooter. Through this experience, I have received numerous death threats, slanderous accusations, and my phone is out of charge from the barrage of calls. Local police have been notified of the situation.

My original intention was to wait until I got AdSense on my site and donating all the proceeds to Charity. However, this situation has now spiraled out of control. I am now confirming that I am not the shooter. I will be available for interview by a news agency to clear my name, talk about the experience, and give my opinion on how the situation could have turned out better if other students were allowed to be armed. I will only speak with individuals who are interested in donating to charities resulting from today's events. Please e-mail all correspondence to