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Rachael Ray wears keffiyeh in Dunkin' Donuts commercial!?

The blogs have been a-buzz with the news that cookbook author Rachael Ray might have been wearing a Palestinian scarf in a commercial she did for Dunkin' Donuts. Was the photographer, the director, her stylist, or her herself a sympathizer with that movement and were they trying to send a message? Or, did she just wear it - or did her stylist have her wear it - thinking it was fashionable? The jury is still out, but unfortunately DD has pulled their advertising campaign.

However, after pondering over this for hours, I believe I've reached a solution that all - or at least most should agree on. For her next commercial, Rachel Ray should simply not wear anything at all. If that's not possible, then she should wear doughnuts strategically placed to cover up her "naughty areas", with perhaps Bavarian cream used to affix them to the appropriate places.

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