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Sputum for Katie Couric

I never thought I'd be posting about this, but a while back I was a writer/producer for CBS News. Around the newsroom, we all knew about Katie Couric's reputation. No, I'm not talking about her former cheerleading career, or her current cheerleading career for the Democratic Party.

I'm talking about the "s" word. We all knew Katie hated the word and would strike out against anyone who used it. With that knowledge throbbing in my mind, I presented Katie with a "special" script I'd written for her.

Within moments she'd seen the word "sputum" and just started hitting me on the arm. Over and over she struck me. It didn't hurt because she's weak. In fact, it felt very good...

My throbbing emotions swelled up inside me as my fervent spume sought its sputum-like escape as Katie continued hitting me in what seemed to me like caresses.

I exploded in delight as she said, "you wait right here. I'll be back with my whip".

....Continued in next month's edition of Hot Sop.