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Topless Amy Winehouse does crazy dance in St. Lucia

I swear I'm typing withboth hands as I limk to thid NSFW photo of a topless Amy Winehouse frolicking in the St. lucia surf, where she's on a Caribbean rehab/vacation. It includes video of the partially-nude pop siren dooing a crazy dance on the balcony of her villa, and thiseyewitness account:/

Scariest Amy Winehouse photo ever

Below this filler text is the single most scary picture of British pop starlet Amy Winehouse ever. The photo is so scary that this filler text is only here to prepare you and give you a chance to avert your eyes.

No really.

You think I'm joking?

No, I'm not.

This is your last chance.

OK, one more last chance, but just because I like you.

You were warned:

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