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California to mandate compact fluorescent lightbulbs?

All Californians issued a desperate plea to the rest of America today as the news was released that California Assemblyman Lloyd Levine wants to ban the use of incandescent lighting and mandate that they be replaced with compact fluorescent lighting. The target date for the state government to interfere in Californians' lives at the microscopic level of light bulbs is set for 2012. The "How Many Legislators Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb Act" might be introduced this week.

Calif. City Mandates "All Smiles"!

Grumpy? Don't visit Belmont California! That San Francisco Bay Area city is the first in the nation to ban all forms of grumpiness, sadness, meanness, and unpleasant behavior.

Last night, the Belmont City Council voted 12-0 in favor of a new ordinance mandating that all in the city must "put on a happy face", even if they don't mean it. Police will be empowered to give tickets to residents and visitors that are wearing frowns, speaking negatively, or otherwise behaving rudely or in an anti-social manner.
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