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Falling Chinese woman saved by pile of shaving cream

A woman in Nanjing (China) was hanging out her laundry at an apartment building when she apparently reached out a bit too far... and fell off the building. Thankfully, a large pile of shaving cream which maintenance workers were cleaning from the building's sewage system (why it was in there isn't clear) saved her fall! Something about this story doesn't sound right, since the shaving cream was 8" (20cm) thick, and given its aerated nature one would think only something a few feet thick would work.

Chinese mutant potato food giant monster?

Will potato seeds exposed to space rays in outer space on Chinese mission cause gigantism and other effects when those potatoes are brought back to Earth and sold as delicacy? CNN reports.

Trendy hub Shanghai is epicenter of new fad: Purple Orchid Three taters, sweet and purple, put even in drinks!

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