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coast to coast am with art bell and george noory

Art Bell's Pizza Punch???

Radio talk show host Art Bell is now a food baron, lending his name to a new food product oddly named "Art Bell's Pizza Punch". Literal sort that I am, my first thought was that it was a pizza-flavored drink. My second thought was, "ewww".

But, as it turns out, it's a seasoning you sprinkle on top of your pizza. The "punch" part refers to the kick it renders to your pie or something. Or, maybe it's a condiment. I can't really tell because his site is currently down, and I got that from the cache. It also somehow involves olives, because he's partnering with an olive company to make the product.

Bigfoot, snipe, jackalope to be hunted

Thanks to KTVZ for re-alerting us to this year's outing from the Bigfoot Field Research Organization in June, this year, in Oregon. The BFRO will be leading ad hocs teams of three to five paying suckers who will camp out during moon-less nights in search of Bigfoots/Bigfeets. To see whether we're on the same page, read the following and tell me whether you're thinking the same thing I'm thinking:

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