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Belly studs are dangerous! teen warns

A British art student who was in Germany taking pictures of cathedrals was in a car accident and suffered serious injuries due to her belly button piercing: her seat belt pushed it straight through her body almost to her spine. Now recovering in a Munich hospital, plucky Jessica Collins is warning other teens to remove their piercings or suffer the same fate...

GPS turns on owners, causes car crashes

No less than two German drivers have been involved in car crashes... because of what their onboard navigation system told them to do! These incidents raise the specter that these GPS systems turned on their owners. Have the machines finally taken control and are they waging a war on we humans?

In the first case, the driver was told by his car's computerized voice to "Fuehren Sie nun rechts ab! Nun!" ("Turn you now to the right, I command you!") He did so, and crashed into a roadside toilet! This happened in Rudolstadt. Not only did it cost hundreds of dollars of damage to the car and to the stairs he drove up, but he was fined.

World's largest camera takes world's largest photo

Six photographers from the Legacy Project are spending tremendous amounts of time photographing the old El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Orange County, California. One of their main projects was creating the world's largest camera obscuras, aka a "pinhole camera".

That consists of completely blocking all light from Building 115, a former jet hangar. A small hole cut in one end of the building displayed an image of the outside on a specially photo-sensitized fabric 80 feet away, which after 35 minutes developed into a picture. Latest news here; older details given here and here. The fabric measures somewhere around 28' by 108'. The non-profit org will be selling much smaller prints starting at $1600.

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