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Unlicensed ape loose in Florida

The latest news from what some call "America's Wang" is that an unknown species of non-human primate is loose in Glen St. Mary, Florida. Some think it could be an orangutan, but no one in that county is licensed to possess such a beastie. (For those keeping score, this is only #1423 on the list of Odd Things Associated with Florida).

Florida: giant rats as big as house cats

Florida (aka "America's Wang", aka "Floriduh") adds yet another item to its long line of accomplishments with the news that it's home to a species of giant rats. Specifically, rodents imported from Gambia and which now live on Grassy Key, an island that's part of that state's Keys. The island is actually part of the city of Marathon, and U.S. 1 runs right through it. It's home to the non-profit research center/tourist trap Dolphin Research Center.

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