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Super Bowl 41: America falls asleep edition

Many Super Bowls have been blowouts; some might have even been over in the first quarter. The 41st Superbowl wasn't finalized until about 10 minutes in the fourth quarter, but it was boring and poorly played before and after that point. The Indianapolis Colts ended up with 29 points to the Chicago Bears' 17.

Add all that together with a meaningless half-time performance by The Artist Who Was Once Formerly Known As Prince But Who's Realized That Was a Big Mistake And Who Now Wants To Be Called Prince Again and poorly-done and unfunny TV commercials with not a single one having anything memetic, and you get what might possibly be the most boring Superbowl in history.

What was Rex Grossman thinking? A: not much

Chicago's Muhammed made a good reaching catch, followed by Rex Grossman throwing a wonderful toss-up. Wonderful for Indianapolis' Kelvin Hayden, who got an interception and ran it in for a touchdown.

The Bears are now down by 12 points.

Yet another interception mostly thanks to Grossman; perhaps they were trying to make up too much too quick. Result: Indy on Chicago's 41, and they will probably get at least a fieldgoal.

Talking lions ate Taco Bell dog?

Remember the Taco Bell dog? "Yo quiero Taco Bell!" was a worldwide sensation, resulting in endless variations of "yo quiero [something or other]". That was pretty good. The latest from the chain is not good at all, featuring badly-done lions watching a group of campers eating Mexican food (on the savannah, in Africa).

BTW: the only reason the lions didn't attack the campers is because they'd just finished off the Taco Bell dog.

Burn: Indianapolis wastes time out on challenge; Vinatieri scores

Well, that was a stupid challenge of the number of men on the field. One would think that would have been visible to the coaches upstairs.

Hey, look, it's a Coke commercial featuring strange, creepy animated characters! Plus, it's Euro-friendly since no one says anything in it meaning Coke can play it just about anywhere in the Western hemisphere or Europe.

Now, for the talking gorillas. Wasn't there some talking chimp or something from a few years ago that was a brief sensation? Something about talking frogs or something. That wasn't that bad. The talking gorillas were.

Super Bowl commercials: ultra violent?

Unfortunately, I missed the first half of the Super Bowl because I was engaging in a sport - mountain biking - rather than just sitting on my couch like a lardass. But, now I'm back and let the lardassnessism begin!

First, we turn to Shukakitty at DailyKos, who's scared:

Virtually all the ads during the first quarter (if not the first half and more) featured violence prominently - people slapping each other, smacking each other, manhandling a mouse and even an older gentleman. I fear the admen and women, who spend quite a bit of money learning how to speak to the current populace, have learned that violence, dissing someone, making a fool out of someone, is what sells. This is what is seen as funny these days. This makes me sad.

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