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Are Swiss cows committing suicide... or something else?

The Daily Mail's Foreign Service informs us that cows in one area of Switzerland have been throwing themselves off cliffs and plunging hundreds of feet to their deaths (link). They refer to the cows "committing suicide", but then they later say "Most scientists generally believe that animals are incapable of committing suicide."

Could they just be confused? Could it have something to do with recent thunderstorms in that area?

Glacier Asses: dozens pose nude on Swiss glacier to fight global warming

Global Warming - the Bush/Rove plot to conquer the world through climate change - took a major hit over the weekend as dozens of Swiss and others stripped down and got naked for a photography shoot by Spencer Tunick at the Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland. Tunick is apparently famous for such events. While a couple of the young ladies on the video are attractive, the crowd shots are much less than attractive. Warning: very unattractive nude people.

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