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Ceiling hair?

I think it was Nissan that had an ad for people who have Big Hair and have trouble fitting into cars. Their Sentra has a wonderful new feature giving more headroom, saving those with mohawks, B-52s, and cowboy hats.

Super Bowl commercials: ultra violent?

Unfortunately, I missed the first half of the Super Bowl because I was engaging in a sport - mountain biking - rather than just sitting on my couch like a lardass. But, now I'm back and let the lardassnessism begin!

First, we turn to Shukakitty at DailyKos, who's scared:

Virtually all the ads during the first quarter (if not the first half and more) featured violence prominently - people slapping each other, smacking each other, manhandling a mouse and even an older gentleman. I fear the admen and women, who spend quite a bit of money learning how to speak to the current populace, have learned that violence, dissing someone, making a fool out of someone, is what sells. This is what is seen as funny these days. This makes me sad.

Isaiah Washington sent to reeducation camp

Good news from Hollywood, as Life & Style can exclusively report that Isaiah Washington - who plays Preston Burke on Grey's Anatomy on the TV - has been sent to a reeducation center where he hopes to be cured of his mental afflictions. This relates to extremely anti-human remarks he made concerning fellow cast member T.R. Knight's sexual status, which is believed to be gay. A full rehabilitation might be possible, but no prognosis has been yet forthcoming. No one who thinks such thoughts belongs in polite society, and it is good to see that he'll be getting the help he needs.

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