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Tire reefs: another "liberal" idea gone horribly wrong

Back in '72, Ray McAllister - ocean engineering professor at Florida Atlantic University - had a brilliant idea: dump used tires in the ocean in order to promote the growth of reefs. The reefs would lead to marine life, leading to fish and stuff like that. Goodyear donated tires, the ties to hold them together, and even used their blimp to drop a gold-painted tire into the sea as a ceremonial gesture.

Flash forward to our current realization that the project has been a failure because, among other things, they're too light and large numbers of them from this project and others have ended up floating ashore. They might even be leeching toxic chemicals into the sea.

Now, Florida is spending millions to salvage the tires. Other states are having issues as well:

New Jersey scientists thought they had a solution to the weight problem. In 1986, the state began a small reef project with about 1,000 tires split in half, bound together and weighted with concrete. It didn't work. Pieces of rubber broke loose and floated free.

Where do you think New Jersey got that idea?