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Wacky chimp goes ape in Stamford!

Out of Stamford, Connecticut comes the wacky news about a fun couple who own a pet chimpanzee named Travis who can do lots of things humans can: He waters flowers, enjoys a glass of wine, brushes his teeth, and watches TV. As a show of how wacky he is, he bolted from a sport utility vehicle driven by his owners Sunday night, commandeered an intersection in the heart of this busy Fairfield County city, and held police at bay for a few hours.

Unfortunately, that wacky crazy news is from October 2003 (link). Up until yesterday, Travis weighed 200 pounds and on that day he mauled a female friend who was visiting the home of his owners. She's now in critical condition, and Travis was shot by police (link). I guess all those wacky articles about him don't look so wacky now. Perhaps letting wild animals roam city streets isn't such a good idea after all.