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Wikipedia: Sinbad not dead; perps located?

Someone edited the entry on comedian/movie star/celebrity Sinbad to claim that he'd died of a heart attack. In fact, after an avalanche of phone and email messages received from grieving fans (or just a fan sending multiple copies), Sinbad announced that, while his career may be on life support, he's still very much alive.

I did a little snooping, and I discovered that this is part of a fun game:

A few weeks ago we mentioned the game of changing famous people's Wikipedia entries and seeing how long they ask.

..."Will Young - 21 mins, Jade Goody - Still dead even after subsequent edits, Paul Burrell - Still dead, Peter André - Still dead, Jordan (Katie Price) - Still dead Tom Cruise - 1 min (bastards). I got a bit bored after that."...

Disclaimer: I worked out next to Sinbad once.